A few kind words…

“We worked with Emily from move-in day forward to turn our new house into a cozy and comfortable home that fits us. Emily’s superb sense of style combined with her personal attention make her the ideal designer.”
– Linda Davis Taylor

“Emily has helped us with several projects over these past few years, and we have been thrilled with the outcome. Her thoughtful and kind manner is such a delight to work with – she never imposes her own styles or thoughts on you, but rather listens and is very attentive to your wants and needs – she always seems to find that right color and pattern. We’ve been so happy with how things have turned out and look forward to many more projects in the future!”
– Ruth Pasqualetto

“Emily is an incredibly talented person. So easy to work with because she has great vision, listens to your needs and has great follow through. Never pushing her opinions on you unless that is what you want. With me, I wanted to be a part of the process and her creative suggestions enhanced and delivered what I was looking for. I highly recommend her and love everything she did!”
– Avery Johnson

“Working with Emily was a joy! She is truly the calmest, most reasonable, kind and relaxed person in the world which keeps you from losing your mind during the construction process. Her ideas for our home were so creative, and her use of color brought our 1926 Spanish home to life. She truly takes the time to understand how you and your family like to live, interact and entertain in your home. The lovely thing about working with Emily is that you feel like it is a true collaboration. It is not just the designer’s style that you come away with at the end of the project. Through her design process, Emily creates a gorgeous home that reflects the spirit of your family in a much more sophisticated and warm way than I could ever have done by myself.”
– Sarah Miller

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